The Jewish Physician Of The Hitler Family Was Protected By Hitler Himself

A remarkable story about the man that was protected by the one that hated Jews

Hitler absolutely was disgusted by the Jews. We know that right?

There are all sorts of theories going around about the origins of Hitler’s anti-Semitic views and his hatred of Jews. But we don’t know for sure. Many people think that he had a run-in with a Jewish teacher once in the past but others give his rejection of art school as the reason.

But for 1 Jew and his family, made an exception to his hatred.

Doctor Eduard Bloch

When Hitler was a young lad, his mother was very sick. Eduard Bloch was their family doctor, a Jewish Austrian physician.

Hitler’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and this doctor tried his best to cure her of this terrible disease. This all happened when Hitler still lived in Austria with his family.

Public Domain,

His family wasn’t very rich, quite poor actually.

Bloch often offered them a discount to make the costs bearable and that’s something that made such an impact on Hitler that he when he built the Third Reich, he ordered protection for Bloch and his family.

But nevertheless, he flew to The United States, like many other Jews in the time that the Nazi Party was taking over Germany and invading other countries like Poland and Chechoslovakia.

By Unknown author — Komuda, Leszek (1973) Polski czołg lekki 7TP, Warszawa: TBiU №21, Public Domain,

Bloch and his family were also allowed to make more money with them when they fled to the United States.

Doctor Eduard Bloch died when he was 73 years old in New York from the effects of stomach cancer.

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