Our Society Is Bleeding, We Need To Get Help Now

I don’t think I have to tell you that there’s something going on in the world.

In 2020 a terrible pandemic broke out around the world. Millions of people were forced to sit at home, being scared and at risk of losing their jobs. Not only in the United States, but also in the rest of the world.

The world was a mess already back then. Political polarisation all around the world between conservative and progressive, the left and the right, and many more groups.

The United States had a new president and prime ministers all around the world were resigning due to their failure during the pandemic. It’s been a total mess.

Also, other crises appeared. The immigration disaster at the Texas bother. Governor of Texas Greg Abbot even recalled building a wall on the border that Former President Donald Trump initiated.

In February of 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine and called it a “special military operation”.

After the Russian invasion, things have really only gone downhill. Prices of groceries in the supermarkets started to rise, inflation also rose and wages did not go up.

It is still almost impossible to get a house and politicians do absolutely nothing. Things are not improving.

The world is on fire.

The U.S. Elections are going to be a mess

In 2020, Joe Biden was elected as the new President of the United States. After a chaotic election night(s), he was elected by 306 electoral votes.

By Kingofthedead — File:Electoral College 2016.svg | Public Domain

Donald Trump has claimed for months that election fraud was committed by the Democratic Party. After many lawsuits, the Senate ratified the election results on January 6, 2021, with the vote of then-Vice President Mike Pence.

Thus, Joe Biden was inaugurated on Jan. 20.

Joe Biden’s Approval Rate

Joe Biden’s approval rate already started out moderately at 55% Since he took office, it has really only gone downhill.

Currently, 57% disapprove of Joe Biden.

There are a number of reasons for this, of course. It started with the Afghanistan tragedy last summer. His popularity dropped tremendously and he never recovered.

Then came the corona winter of 2021. Thousands of people died and hundreds of thousands of businesses went bankrupt.

By then, inflation was beginning to take serious forms. When in February 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, fears of an economic drama and food crises also rose.

To this day, people are in misery and Joe Biden has offered no real handles to the population.

Roe v. Wade

In May it came out that the Supreme Court wanted to overturn “Roe v. Wade”.

Many (justifiable) angry people kept the country in turmoil and in this way only added to the chaos. This will also play into the next election.

Now states can decide for themselves whether they will allow abortion or not. In most Republican-led states it will be banned or restricted. In most Democrat-led states, it will probably be allowed.

2022 Midterms

In November this year, the midterms elections will be held in America.

Elections for the Senate and for the House. Currently, there are 50 members in the Senate for the Republican Party, 48 for the Democratic Party, and 2 independents. With a Democratic chairman in Vice President Kamala Harris.

In the House, things are like this: 220 Democrats, 211 Republicans, and 4 vacant seats.

Over the course of history, Democrats have been increasing their positions in the House and Senate.

By ChrisnHouston — File:Control of the U.S. Senate.PNGFile:Control of the U.S. House of Representatives.PNG, CC BY-SA 3.0

Will we see a red or a new blue wave in November?

I think there are going to be Republicans who support Trump once again claiming election fraud. Even though Mitch McConnel, has said the following:

“There is very little election fraud.”

“I think we have a very solid democracy,” he said. “I don’t think of the things that we need to worry about, I wouldn’t be worried about that one.”

What to think of Russia and China

Russia and China, along with the United States and the European Union, are major powers on the world stage. Both parties to be reckoned with, but how dangerous are they?

From Russia, we saw last year how it invaded Ukraine. Putin has dropped threats before but what should we think of China and the regime around Taiwan for example?

Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last month, despite warnings from U.S. Officials following threats from China.

China even threatened Pelosi to shoot her plane out of the sky, but she went anyway. How such a big threat can China become for the future?

Is it going to be a story like the Russia/Ukraine war?

What’s next?

We don’t trust politicians anymore. It is a shame for those who served us in the past. It is also going to be a gigantic job to restore this trust.

Right now politicians need to do something to restore purchasing power, lower inflation and de-escalate the war in Ukraine and above all not start new wars in, for example, the Middle East or Taiwan.

Are you listening Joe?

Personally, I think we have to make sure that we have to be able to take care of ourselves because politics and government are not going to do it for us.

If only we would have honest politicians who are not there for their own agenda and financial gain.

That would help.

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