6 Things You Didn’t Know About Adolf Hitler

Being one of the most infamous world leaders to have ever walked the planet makes you famous at the same time. Hitler didn’t only cause the death of around six million Jewish people in the Holocaust, he also killed tens of millions of non Jews in the Second World War and other atrocities.

Although he was so infamous, there are still a lot of interesting facts that many people don’t know about the Austrian-born dictator.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the most interesting ones.

1 — Hitler Had a Money Problem

People keep telling me I’m an atrocious person when it comes down to money management, but Hitler was even worse.

Like with many other things, Hitler was making his decisions like a maniac. Biographer Volker Ullrich uncovered in his book Hitler that the Futhrer had a spending problem.

Hitler spent all of his money on luxury items like cars, clothing and you name what else.

2 — Mein Kampf Became a Best-Seller

When Hitler was imprisoned because he tried to commit a coup d’état in 1923, which failed, he wrote his most ‘popular’ book (if popular a correct term to use here).

Mein Kampf was first published in 1923 and the second volume was published in 1925.

In this book, he described his life and his racist perception of the Jewish People.

When the popularity of the Nazi Party grew in Germany, his book became more popular and many copies were sold of his ‘National Socialist Bible’.

When the war ended, it was now forbidden to print the book and sell it. Many publishers kept printing it illegally while the State of Bavaria had the copyright which they didn’t want to grant any rights. After the copyright had expired in 2016, Mein Kampf became a best-seller.

3 — Hitler Adored the Disney Movies

Who’d have guessed that a man like Adolf Hitler had a hidden fondness for Disney characters?

Because Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is based on an old German fairy tale, Hitler seems to have enjoyed it.

That makes sense because he adored all things German and was a firm believer in his country’s future and greatness.

4 — Hitler Was Rejected from Art School Multiple Times

We all know that Hitler’s unsuccessful painting career led to his fascism, but you may not know that he applied to art school twice, the second time being so harshly rejected that he wasn’t even permitted to sit in on the entrance tests.

5 — Hitler Was a Vegetarian

The Nazis were notorious for implementing health-conscious programs with their aim to create a perfect Aryan race.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that Hitler was a teetotaler, nonsmoker, and vegetarian.

The fact that Hitler liked to use drugs is completely contrary to this.

According to current research, his physician, Theodor Morell, started injecting him with oxycodone, methamphetamine, morphine, and even cocaine in 1941.

Indeed, drug usage was allegedly widespread among the Nazi Party, and troops were often given amphetamine before the war.

6 — Hitler Was a Once A Nobel Prize Nominee

Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a Swedish senator in 1939. Even though he meant it as a joke, few people thought it entertaining.

Instead, it sparked outrage, prompting the nomination to be promptly withdrawn.

The act was seen as a condemnation of Nazism and an insult to Germany.

As a consequence, Hitler forbade all Germans from receiving the Nobel Prize, instead of establishing the German National Prize for Art and Science.

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