3 Incredible Facts About Alexander The Great

In the year 356 BC, Alexander the Great was born in the then Macedonian town of Pella.

He is considered one of the most successful warriors and leaders of the ancient world and perhaps even in complete history. He turned the small Macedonia where he had started into one of the greatest empires in the world.

His empire stretched from southern Europe to the borders of India where he just couldn’t pull his empire through.

Here are 5 amazing facts about Alexander the Great.

1. He Got All The Way To India

That you knew Alexander the Great had a great empire seems obvious. But did you know that it extended all the way to India?

In the year 327 BC Alexander’s army managed to reach India.

Nowadays we fly there but in the time of Alexander the Great, it was a gigantic achievement to even get there alive without communication tools and decent means. To make it as far as the countries there is magisterial.

He wanted to conquer India. His empire was to be the greatest on earth but India was not so easy to conquer and this was to be one of the most deadly campaigns of his time.

2. He Died Very Young

Alexander the Great died at the young age of 33. This may have been due to illness or wounds in the battles he fought but we do not know for sure why he died.

Most likely he died of some kind of fever.

It has been a mystery for a long time where Alexander the Great was buried but we now know that prior to his burial there was quite a bit of discussion about where he should be buried.

We still do not know where Alexander’s tomb is located.

3. Alexander Had An Alcohol Problem

As discussed in the previous section, there have been many speculations about how Alexander the Great would have died.

One thing we know for sure is that he was incredibly fond of drinking mainly alcoholic beverages. This excess alcohol consumption would have also caused his health to deteriorate.

He was also said to have had liver problems which led one to suspect that he may have died from this.

Alexander often was drunk and had frequent arguments with those around him.

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