What If The Roman Empire Had Never Existed?

The Roman Empire makes up a big part of our history books.

One of the most distinctive periods in our history. Next to World War II and the modern era, perhaps the most talked about.

Still so close to prehistory yet already such great wisdom and inventions were discovered in civilization. Many famous philosophers flowed from ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

Much music, movies, and books are based on events in the Roman Empire. Also, when there is corruption in an empire, this example is always looked at.

But what if the Roman Empire had never existed?

Why Did The Roman Empire Collapse

To understand the gigantic impact the Roman Empire had on the modern world, we must also look back to the moment when the once great empire faltered.

The most likely reason for the Roman Empire to fall or collapse was because of corruption from within.

Besides all the military faults on the border protection, the Roman Empire was declining in all possible ways. It wasn’t a sustainable state anymore. It had to fall.

Every empire will once fall. It was just time. The people who governed it just sped up the process.

One of the first major empires in the west/Europe collapsed. At least that we know of, we can’t be sure of course.

We Wouldn’t Have These Inventions

Okay, most likely there would have been some other civilizations that would have invented these things, but to keep it simple, this is going to be how we’re thinking.

One of the first things I’d like to mention is the aqueduct. They didn’t actually invent the things but they improved them and popularized them.

Photo by Sébastien Jermer on Unsplash

Guess who did invent them.

Did you get them?

That’s right, it was the ancient Egyptian people.

Another one that’s pretty interesting to think about is roads. Again, they didn’t invent them but they created a large network of roads throughout Europe that was eventually used to build our own “newer” roads.

By DS28 — File:Roman Empire 125 general map.SVG, CC BY-SA 4.0,

That was a lot of work back in those times without machinery.

And after a heavy and sweaty day of working on the roads, the ancient Romans didn’t go home. No, they would walk into one of the beautiful thermae to relax and enjoy the rest of their day.

By Josef Theodor Hansen (1848–1912) — https://sites.google.com/site/maleriermm/danske-malere/joseph-theodor-hansen-1848-1912, Public Domain,

We would have missed out on these great concepts of bathing houses.

We Would Have Missed These Works Of Art

The Roman Empire is also known for its many works of art that were produced during this era.

Frescos and statues were very common in the Empire.

Left: Public Domain | Right: By Élisée Reclus — Extrait de "L’Homme et la Terre", Public Domain

Much historical context was taken from these pieces of art. Without the, we perhaps wouldn’t even have known about some pieces of the Roman Empire.

Did you know that those white sculptures used to be filled with colors?


Of course, we know absolutely nothing for sure and if the Roman Empire had not existed could also put a completely different spin on history.

We will never know.

But it’s interesting to think about these kinds of things.

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